As a television news reporter for 35 years, it was something I witnessed repeatedly.

A government agency, large business, hospital or school district not prepared to deal with the media when an issue brought news crews to their sites. Those organizations were then poorly represented that night on the 5, 6, 10, &/or 11 o’clock news, and their websites.

Your next experience with the news media doesn’t have to be unpleasant.

Having just retired from television news, I can now provide insight on how to deal with the news media in negative situations and how to attract the media for positive coverage of your event or program.  

I’ve developed an informative and entertaining workshop entitled, "The Good, The Bad, and How To Keep It From Getting Ugly.”  You’ll learn how to manage news crews during uncomfortable encounters. And you’ll learn how to attract reporters when you want coverage of an important topic or development.

"The Good, The Bad, and How To Keep It From Getting Ugly,"  includes video examples of real life media experiences. We’ll discuss what makes a news story and the decisions that lead to stories getting on the air.

Just a few of the insights you'll gain from our workshop:

    •    Why you should trust reporters and not fear them 

    •     Where’s all the good news? You have it, now share it with the news media!

    •    How reporters choose stories for the evening newscast

    •    Why your press release isn’t attracting news media

    •    How to hold a successful news conference

    •    You’ve got a cool event- where’s the news media?

    •    How to handle arriving news crews when you’ve got a disaster on your hands

    •    News coverage is free- make use of it!

    •    How and when to use social media to benefit your agency

    •    Caught on camera: “He really said that?”  You’ll love our real life media encounters!

After this workshop you'll have the skills needed to bring new awareness to your agency. You’ll be in control of your media presence and you’ll never look better because of it!

List of Previous Media Training Presentations and Clients:

• California City Clerks (Ventura, CA)

• Northern California Fraud Investigators Association (Monterey, CA)

• Northern California City Managers Association (Kingsburg, CA)

• San Joaquin Community Foundation Philanthropy Summit (Lodi, CA)

• City of San Mateo (San Mateo, CA)

• Board of State and Community Corrections (San Diego, CA)

• Caltrans (Stockton, CA)

• Women’s Center - Youth & Family Services (Stockton, CA)

• City of Stockton (Stockton, CA)